Rare Two-Stone Tank: Onyx & Hawk Eye, Blauschwarz

Piaget Two-Tone Two-Stone Tank: Onyx & Hawk- / Falcon-Eye, Cartier's Fear


What a tank-style watch! Superb two-stone dial made by the Masters of Stone, Piaget almost 50 years ago in white gold. Onyx framed center made of Hawk Eye aka Falcon Eye aka Blue Tiger Eye -- one of the most amazing stones that could be used for dials and lately presented by Rolex in their stone dial Yacht Master: Subtle and almost black when seen in low light environment but amazing and an almost electric 50 shades of blue when exposed to intense light. The most classic Mercedes Benz Farbcode 199 -- Blauschwarz.

The Onyx frame stays black, of course no matter what light-intensity it is exposed to. The winding-crown is crowned by a blue cabochon and we enhanced this tank-watch even further by the custom made strap in blau-schwarz: almost black with blue-tones in the light. On the other side of this high-quality strap is the original Piaget 18K white gold buckle and additional to that it comes in a fitted Piaget box with outer box.

Measuring 23.3 X 29.3mm without crown.

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