Shantung-Altiplano Premiere Ultra-Thin: Silk-Linen Calatrava

Piaget Shantung-Altiplano: Premiere Ultra-Thin, Linen TwoTone, Calatrava

CHF 7,000

WHY WE LOVE IT: Because it is one of the most beautiful and lavish-made early cal9P-Piagets. And it is one of the most important series-defining early Altiplanos.

The amazing and rare Piaget ref930 Shantung-Altiplano -- a jewel that demonstrated the ability of Piaget to make ultra-thin watches since the late 1950s and comes in shimmering silk-like multi-gold-tone finishing.

This example is dated to 1959 or 1960 according to our books and research and in outstanding condition and original in every aspect: dial (not reprinted), case and movement.

The original Klotzl (KG-stamp) made Piaget-strap connects the solid 18K-gold case to the solid gold Piaget-buckle. Fresh from the time-machine.

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