Salmon-Dial Secret: Ultra-Thin Dollar-Coin, Liberty

Piaget Secret Dollar-Coin (1898): Ultra-Thin Case & Salmon-Dial

CHF 8,500

WHY WE LOVE IT: Because it is an artefact that shows the most important complication in watchmaking: miniaturisation, ie. ultra-thin.

Ultra-Thin -- Piagets DNA since 1950s until today. The coin-watch was one of Piagets masterpieces. And it was all made in-house by the outstanding manufacturer from La-Cote-Aux-Fees: the case and the movement, the dial and the strap.

USD20-Coin from 1898. Highest precision case- & watchmaking by Piaget. The rare configuration with the salmon-colored dial.

The coin has some scratches at the outside (esp front) but the watch and all closures and pushers, lids are in very good and excellent working condition.

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