Beautiful Yellowgold Piaget Polo Bracelet Watch with Whitegold Interlinks, 1982

Piaget Polo, Yellow- & Whitegold: 1982 Bracelet Watch

CHF 13,000
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Piaget Polo in yellowgold with whitegold interlinks, an exalted classic made in 1982 according our books and so a more than 40y old stunner: The Piaget Polo was the Patek Nautilus of the 1980s: This watch is so iconic, unmistakable and characteristic -- 1980s on the wrist!

Solid and heavy, impressive, sporty yet elegant -- Piaget Polo. A classic with a maximum recognition value and also high wearing comfort, because it is sooo well balanced.

The bracelet watch currently fits a 185mm wrist and is in excellent condition, without stretch or warp -- the watch is not unworn, but with only minor traces of use, and delivered with box.

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