Diamond Set Mystery Onyx Dial & Integrated Bracelet

Piaget Mystery Diamond Set Onyx Dial

CHF 20,000

WHY WE LOVE IT: The master-class of '70s & '80s Piaget in one watch -- peak-bracelet; peak-stone-dial. They did it, because they could. And because no one else could. And we love this, yes.

Piaget in the 70s (1979 to be precise)! Simply outstanding: The dial is made of Onyx with a gold inlay. The interesting point is not the four diamonds as index markers but the missing hours hand -- this is a fifth diamond on a rotating Onyx disc. WOW!

This is moved by the legendary flat manual Piaget caliber 9P and the condition of the whole watch is close to perfect condition and just rarely and carfully worn -- and this timepiece is more than 40 years old. The bracelet fits a 20cm circumference and is unshortened. Rare watch, cool watch, interesting watch!

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