Hawk-Eye Stone-Dial Beta21, Integrated Bracelet, 14101 Successor

Piaget Hawk-Eye-Stone-Dial Beta21: Falcon-Eye & Integrated Bracelet, Stepped Case 14101


A very rare Piaget Beta21 with a 5-stepped-case -- and much rarer than the known three step-case with same historical relevant movement and case dimensions. Made in 1975 according to our research and database.

Also, the case is obviously sharp and unpolished and has a perfect finished surface. However, the clou on this watch is definitely the stone dial -- rare and special Hawk-Eye-quartz (Rolex calls it Falcon-Eye): depending on the angle light hits it, it is creating a very interesting effect -- electronic watch with an electronic appearing dial. Unusual and rare -- just how we like it.

The glass has a small scratch at approx 9:30 o'clock. Movement is in perfect condition after our service and we guarantee it for one year. The original 18K-integrated-bracelet was shortened somewhen in the last five decades but the removed pieces were inserted again on both ends. But this was done by an artisan and is almost invisible on the outside but only on the inside of the bracelet. Currently the bracelet fits a 190mm wrist and has no defects or warp.

What else? Yes, we said it here and there: Piaget took the Quartz-topic very serious and produced one of the highest quality Beta21 of all manufacturers -- similar to Rolex and IWC but ahead of every other brand. And Piaget was the only watchmaker that did so completely in-house: case made by Piaget, bracelet or strap made by Piaget, dial made by Piaget -- all others sourced parts from here and there but not even made the case nor the bracelet in-house. Piaget on the other hand was able to produce in short-time a high quality product: even the movement-holder is made of heavy solid 18K gold and fitting like a glove. Unique!

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