Hammered Piaget Emperador: Polo-Predecessor

Piaget Emperador: Polo-Predecessor, Hammered & Factory-Serviced, 1981


Palace-Decoration, as Piaget calls it: Heavy, robust and hot, a ring of fire instead of a bracelet. The finishing of this masterpiece is so reflective and full of facets -- this obviously requires skilled hand-manufacturing and simply is not reached by newer pieces.

The early '70s presented Emperador is the precedessor of the 1979-presented and celebrated Piaget Polo -- THE watch in the 1980s. Although Piaget-advertised the Polo as the most expensive watch in the world -- of course, due to its gold-weight and its sophisticated manufacturing- and finishing-method (hand-made) --, but the Emperador was significantly heavier, had a more complex finishing and was... of course, even more expensive than "the most expensive watch in the world". The Uber-Top-Dog in 1970s and 1980s -- no matter what the Polo-advertisement says. And it inspired so many: Patek was overwhelmed by its design and success to make the Patek ref3733 from 1978 onwards -- just with less than half its weight by using a thin case and hollow tubes on two wires (!sic) instead of a robust full-solid case and bracelet. #SeeOurBlog

Piaget-Serviced in the manufacture in La-Cote-Aux-Fees, Switzerland and coming with a guarantee by Piaget until 2025.

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