Super Rare: Whitegold Octagonal Jaeger

Jaeger LeCoultre Vintage Elegance: Sunburst & Whitegold Octagonal "Hunter"


This is a true Jaeger (hunter / chaser in German): A watch that you will hunt for years and merely come by -- rare and fantastic preserved JLC with cal818 under the blue sunburst dial, cased in an ultra-sharp octagonal white gold case. Made in 1972 in a very small series mostly in yellow gold and just a very few examples in white gold and in masculine elegance: the fantastic cal818 allows the thin and sharp case. Overall, this watch is the proof that octagonal is possible for other watches than the Royal Oaktagonal, too.

This gem with the blue sapphire cabochon on the crown had its 50th birthday last year -- produced by JLC in Le Sentier, Switzerland in 1972.

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