Important JLC: Master-Quartz in Gold

Jaeger LeCoultre Early & Rare Master-Quartz: 18K, cal352

CHF 8,500

1972 JLC MasterQuartz with original MQ box, in 18K yellow gold (rare) & unpolished (super-rare). The horological important Jaeger LeCoultre in the high-end specification, delivering a completely different experience (optic and haptic, not to mention importance and rarity) than any steel or steel-goldplated version.

It is easy to say this important watch is unpolished: the minor dents on the case, the beautiful patina of the 18K gold and especially the completely preserved case-back: the thin imprints are easily gone if the case is just slightly -- as it is said euphemistically -- "refreshed". Now, and this is a good example why we usually dont polish and are completely against any cosmetic "refreshing": It changes the watch, although slightly.

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