Important JLC Sport Steel Watch

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Mariner Chronometre, Henry & Cie Bracelet


JLC Master Mariner ref24001-42 -- the octagonal sport-chic steel watch made in 1973 by JLC as a response to the 1972 debuted AP Royal Oak -- Patek Nautilus was not even in Gentas mind at this time for three more years.

The offered example is not only a rare and beautiful watch with day-date but the charismatic dial with the two-directional brushed silver aged fantastically and there developed a one-of-a-kind patina around the all original lume-dots and the unique rose / orange hue. One of a kind and strong character! The dial has some signs of age but it is all-over in original condition and almost 50 years old. We didnt re-lume this icon but left the small vanished lume spots at the minute hand, as is and we think this is the best we can do for this historical and still strongly overlooked and underestimated Jaeger LeCoultre -- one of the first sport steel watches.

Inside works the chronometer-grade JLC cal906, which has a second hacking-feature and was used in the celebrated Vacheron Constantin Chronometre Royal VC ref42001 and is a more sophisticated automatic movement than the JLC cal920 (aka VC1120 aka AP2120 aka PP28-255). It is working flawless and precise in every function. Delivery contains the JLC box and the Extract from the Archives of JLC (ordered).

Needless to note, that with a little more than 500 pieces made of this reference, it is much rarer than the original AP Royal Oak ref5402 (more than 5'000 pieces) or the initial Patek Nautilus ref3700, that is around in more than 10'000 pieces.

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