Big Size Ellipse: Golden Sand-Dial & Toucan-Four

Audemars Piguet Ellipse: Automatic cal2121: Sand-Dial & Toucan-Date

CHF 7,000

Wow! A rare and special icon by Audemars Piguet: The big-sized Ellipse: 31*35mm. Made in 1978 according to our books and research and in fantastic condition.

Patek Philippes rare big-sized Ellipse reference 3605 comes in similar dimensions, with the same movement (based on JLC cal920: AP cal2121 == PP cal28-255) and around the same era -- the late 1960s and early 70s. But other than the Patek this AP Ellipse was made obviously in even lower numbers and is rarely on the market. The quality of both is very comparable and the AP for sure doesn't stand short against the Patek version. And now you wonder why it (the AP) is even cheaper than the high-priced Patek ref3605? Is it the vendome-lugs on the Patek? Is it the more ellipsoid Ellipse on the AP that pushes the price down? The plain and un-inspired finishing on the golden dial Patek that makes it more expensive? Or is it the more spritz in the characteristic numerals in the AP date-disc that discounts AP prices? Questions over questions, but we simply don't know. Yes, obviously this is the next topic and episode of our series Same-Or-Different in our blog. Coming soon.

Anyway, the AP is a special watch in many aspects -- let us point your eyes to just two: the special font-type for the date-numbers -- characteristic, see the Toucan-Four alone; -- and the finishing of the dial -- Golden Sand. The dial has some spots of oxidation on the top-edge that happened in the last +40 years, but it is in overall fantastic and original condition. The 18K gold-case aged to yellow-brown perfection and the case has some minor scratches here and there but appears to be unpolished.

We deliver this rare gem proudly with a new high-quality strap for immediate wear and to preserve the included old one. The 18K original AP-buckle is inclusive as well, sure.

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