Sparkling AP Cobra

Audemars Piguet Cobra: Diamonds-Dial & Integrated Bracelet

CHF 9,500
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Mid-Size Cobra by Audemars Piguet in excellent condition -- case and bracelet in fantastic shape and condition and to our eyes unpolished as told by the intact surface finishing. Just the dial has some signs of age and oxidation, especially around the applied diamond-indexes.

Here we have a medium cobra with a spectacular rice-bracelet, made in the early 1980s according to our books. The same reference was made since the early 1970s in various models and back then one of the undisputed top-models in the portfolio of AP -- priced more than CHF10'000 more than 50 years ago, while the AP5402 came in at arount CHF4'000 in steel.

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