Beautiful 1981 Jumbo AP Royal Oak Rectangular

Audemars Piguet 1981 Jumbo Rectangular Royal Oak


Rare, iconic, 40 years old (1981), original and unpolished. The jumbo rectangular AP Royal Oak is a joy to look at and a even bigger joy to wear: the bracelet is the fantastic Royal Oak bracelet -- loved by connoiseurs for its iconic and masculine style and its robust and at the same time comfortable wear. The thin case holds the popular and reliable AP caliber 2511 -- precise to the second and hassle free. And the jumbo size is an eye catcher on every wrist -- impressive.

The reference 6005 is much rarer than the original Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ref5402, is more distinguishable and iconic, shares the same attributes as the other AP classic but comes in at a fraction of its price.

The bracelet in very good condition: without stretch or warp and just minimal signs of careful wear. The case is crisp & crunchy, obviously unpolished and with well defined edges.

The iconic tapisserie dial is in very good condition as well, and has beautiful patina around some of the indexes (5 o'clock and 7 o'clock esp) -- this is common with original (not refurbished) AP tapisserie dials from that era and natural aging and not from intervention or mishandling. Please see macro photos of the dial exposed to intensive sunlight: The dial becomes not only much more interesting from this patina but the grid is still deep and defined and not smoothed and abraded as an refurbished dial.

Overall a rare, beautiful and significant watch in wonderful condition, delivered with box and AP Archive Excerpt (ordered).

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