Rolex Eats Grand Bucherer

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Now, not more than a month passed after the announcement of Bucherer to offer Grand Seiko-watches in future, until another rather surprising message with Bucherer in the centre hit the news-wire: Rolex takes over the Retailer that shook the Swiss market on August, 8th.

Coincidence or Causality? We dont know it yet. But we have written here (*klikk), why we think the opening of the Swiss watch-market is a long-term important and positive step for every watch-freak and the -industry. Yes, Bucherer did a very good move by adding GS -- and now, let us see what is left of this after the takeover by Rolex. One has to understand: while Rolex is the giant in Swiss watches, Bucherer is the biggest retailer of Rolex watches in Europe and also America -- and GS is aiming on the typical Rolex-buyer with its products, too.