The Nautilus Is Dead...

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

...Nautillipse to the Rescue! OK, the title is a little neon and might not explain the current position of the Patek Flagship, but it was the truth when Patek asked Gerald Genta in 1979 to bring up something thinner ("Please Mr. Genta, use our latest and greatest movement the Quartz calE27."), and more connected to the Blockbuster Ellipse. And Genta didnt fail. As not for the first time in history the combination of two rather different themes (Modern: Crossover) was successful: Ellipse X Nautilus = Nautillipse || ref3738 X ref3700 = ref3770.

By the way, it might sound surprising that the Patek Nautilus failed in its early years, as it is todays most celebrated (to not say hyped) watch model and the center-pillar for Pateks success these days. But when it is taken into account that Patek came quite late to the luxus-sportswatch-trend (five years after AP ignited it with its Royal Oak) and it used a design by Genta, Gerald that was refused by Piaget two years before Patek finally took it, then it sounds not sooo surprising anymore, rigth?