Great Bucherer X Grand Seiko

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

What a good news: Bucherer is offering Grand Seiko from now on in its four flagship stores in Switzerland and so brings some colour onto the GS worldmap, that so far had just a dark spot in Switzerland. Yes, that smelled very ugly until now. As if the top-dogs closed the local market for the powerful competitor from Japan. Not nice, not fair and unlikely. But... who knows...

Anyway, all of this is forgotten now and now all is good and we will see some attractive competition and this should be good for everyone involved: For Bucherer, for GS, for the customers and anyone interested in watches, but also for the Swiss watch-industry -- yes, it is strong enough to withstand and powerful take on the competition and it will get even stronger by this and so withstand time even more robust.

Bravo Bucherer, Bravo!

Ad 2023-08-08: Yes, even the Swiss watch-industry is becoming fragile by excluding competition; by hiring second-best staff; by following ideologies instead of ideas; by freezing the hunt for innovation; by artificially shorten the access and the supply over a reasonable (ie. competition-tested) level; and this step by Bucher is valuable by making it anti-fragile -- again or more, no matter;

Ad 2023-08-26: By the way, there was a time, when the Swiss giants had enough power to force Bucherer to NOT offer GS, the competition from far east. But when you don't offer anything for sale to the retailer but only bureaucratic paperwork in form of waiting-lists, then your leverage on this end is getting shorter and shorter and you made a mistake by not anticipating this move of Bucherer.