40th Anniversary & Swatch-Story

Saturday, July 1, 2023

We queue in to the long line of well-wishers in a disciplined manner, but other than most we bring more than just warm words, a smile and a hand-shake to the 40th Anniversary of Swatch: We know the Concord Delirium with its case-back being the movement-base-plate and the rise of the injection-moulding technology paved the way for the revolutionary watch -- all this is secured knowledge and confimed by the company Swatch. Not confirmed but not less thoughtful and obvious, the design was borrowed from the back-then top dog -- and this we bring with pleasure to the gift table: The True* & Only** Swatch-Design-Story Read it here (*klikk).

) "True" in the sense of one possibility;
) "Only" in the sense of one possibility;