Why is it #MakePiagetGreatAgain?

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Why is it #MakePiagetGreatAgain? Straight question, easy answer: In short, because they once were the best. Undisputed in the 1970s and 1980s.

They had more innovations in their in-house produced movements than most other brands; used stone-dials before all others did and kept their Vorsprung over the years; they made all of their watch-cases in-house, like they made their bracelets and other parts in-house, too: a fully integrated watchmaker; they were creative like no other brand, had a variety in their portfolio that was by far not reached by any other brand and thus able to inspire actors, models, artists and the broad jet-set alike and become inspired by them as well -- a positive and creative feedback-loop; and others recognised this: Piaget was copied like no other brand in this era; we will go into details on this later, sure -- Spoiler: you will be surprised who was "inspired" by their stuff, and it might change your overall ranking of watch brands in total;

To be fair, one cannot repeat often enough: Piaget made all their stuff in-house since mid 1960s and did not outsource to 3rd parties. #soooPiaget, right. The so called holy trinity of horology (Patek, Audemars & Vacheron) did it completely different: their holyness did not make dials or watch-cases by themself in the now-vintage era of the 1960s to 1980s but outsourced this to 3rd party-case- & braceletmakers and for many movements they did so as well: holy, holy. Yes, and so Piaget was able to set itself apart as the number one during this era -- but of course: you are able to produce outstanding results when you do it by yourself, but you cannot expect to get a better than average product from the 3rd party-supplier.

However, in this time Piaget was second to none and pushed brands like Patek et. al. to the second row in almost any aspect. Forgotten but a fact. We will blog further interesting details in the coming days and see earlier posts containing details and other aspects under #MakePiagetGreatAgain and especially here: klikk.

Sure, you recognized it already: this is just half the story if it is necessary to make something-great-again: They once were the best, but arent at the moment -- otherwise there would be simply nothing to do. We will outline our opinions about their strategic mistakes in future posts, although nobody asks for it. :-)

Postamble: By the way, this hashtag is something that we used early and extensively on Instagram with our original account @plusultrach, which was blocked and cancelled mid January -- and so all content of this account was deleted. And now it looks like we have nothing to do with #makePiagetGreatAgain. Amazing, isnt it?