We Sell Fakes, According to Instagram!?

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

We are now cut off from our audience, from our posts and our intellectual property for almost one month; our ideas and inspirations are still hidden but there is something new: We received information WHY our Instagram-account @plusultrach was shut-down mid of January (see here and there and elsewhere): According to Instagram we offered counterfeits via their platform and this is forbidden by their rules. Wow! Interesting, for sure. Unfortunately, we were not told, which photos (!) exactly led to the impression that we have shown or offered counterfeits or fakes and we were not told who exactly complained and reported these photos as counterfeits. But of course we were quite surprised.

And there is something positive, too as we learned how the Instagram platform works. See, anybody could report a photo as "spam", as "hate speech or symbols", as "false information", as "intellectual property violation", as "something else" (!sic) or several other reasons. Simply click the three dots in the top-right corner of the photo and select your reason for reporting. Now, of course no human checks the millions of reports ("I dont like it" is one category, too). No, this is done by an algorithm. And that algo prefers users that pay for "boosting" posts and advertising on Instagram and discriminates accounts that dont. Well, we didnt spend a single Franc on this, so I am sure there would be just a few of such reportings enough to knock us out -- or better our account.

Sure, one could discuss the sense of allowing everyone to mark posts as "hatespeech" (whatever that is) or "false information" (Sure, if you remove all the false information, then only the bare and bright truth is left -- very nice.), but besides this unmasking non-sense it shows the grade of corruption of this platform, that treats you better when you pay. It shows that every competitor could come out with such an accusation (of course with another account to stay anyonym) and block your communication to your audience, hide your ideas to take them without looking too inspired or just hide them because they make him look negative.

We are probably the most serious critics of our portfolio and we can guarantee full authenticity of our products and we never offered any counterfeits -- if you think different, pls let us know and we will clarify. Also, it is needless to say, that we were never heard or had the chance to reply to these accusations -- corruption & arbitrariness. But its not finished, yet.