Instarbitrariness: Silenced & Devalued

Monday, January 16, 2023

It started here, Ad, 2023-01-16 Our account is still blocked and so all our Instagram photos, texts, posts and video-clips are no longer visible. The themes and topics we inspired & promoted in the last couple of years -- Rolex Midas Series, Beta21 and Early Quartz in general, Piaget etc -- are simply invisible and non-existent anymore.

Also, we used to speak frankly in a branch that is not used to this and so some aspects that were a little awkward for one brand or the other is now hidden as well.

We see here, the full power of a monopoly in Instagrams actions: No explanation, no pointing to a specific post that breached the rules. No reply to our appeal regarding their decision. Nothing, so far. Just sheer arbitrariness. Lets hope this changes in the next days and in future in general. For now it is meta-arbitrary.

Our new interim-Instragram account is plusultra_ch, (here) and we are happy when you follow. Thanks.

Ad, 2023-01-17: Still, our main-leg of communication to the watch-community is being cut-off: We are still blocked on Instagram and so we lost access to our >1'000 posts, our >2'000 photos, our video-clips, our texts made in the last years and we lost contact to our >3'000 followers. No visibility and no access to our intellectual property -- a hard hit for us.

The themes and topics we inspired (the flaws of top-dogs like Patek or Vacheron, the truth about their heritage and their ordinaryness in many aspects, Beta21, Early Quartz & Electronic Watches, #MakePiagetGreatAgain, Rolex Midas Series to name just the most important) are not visible anymore. They were made invisible. We were made invisible.

Anyway, we feel this is unfair and if we do so, then we are highly motivated to take this further step-by-step: Plus Ultra.