Instarbitrariness: On the State of Instagram

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Our interim insta-account @plusultra_ch (w/ underscore) now has approx two-handful of followers and we post mostly old content there, because we have to re-think our usage of Instagram, of course.

Reason is the fact we were blocked on Friday, 13th and are still deactivated with our account @plusultrach and our content, created carefully over more than 30 months in far more than one-thousand posts, is still invisible and we are still silenced / cancelled and our inspiring and sometimes provocative posts and messages are simply not there anymore.

No explanation, no reason, no warning -- just deactivated. Overall this erratic, despotic behaviour will reduce engagement of the users in and finally reduce the power of Instagram. Not now and not in next two weeks but I would be surprised if we reached a stable situation here, already.

Anyway, there is something good about all that, too -- I learned and now understand, why so many people send photos about their actual food or dinner plate. These are probably the pinnacle of superficiality and "content" that is created en-passant without much effort necessary but always fresh and meaningful looking. Enjoy.