Lady from Geneva

Monday, November 8, 2021

We love them all, for sure and especially hot and scharf (sharp). We prefer them vintage, yes. If she is 50 years old or 60, even better. But the most we throw an eye on the one from Geneva. We not only look at her. No. We closely observe her. We spy her with our eagle eyes. We literally unwrap her with our eyes and she can feel our warm and brumous breath. On her neck. And on her cheeks. We often touch her perfectly styled hair and she pretends to not even recognize us or our touches. And sometimes we use tools to closer see all the salacious details she is offering to us with her lascivious elegance: loupes. She is sensitive and she is pure sex. Usually she shows herself and plays with us. But when we rub her too hard, then she fades away and sometime completely disappears, our elusive love.

The lady from Geneva. The Miss Gold Hallmark.