Why We Focus on Late 1960s to Early 90s Watches

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Our focus is on watches from the late 60s / early 70s to the pieces made in the early 90s. Why, we prefer these over more modern timepieces is explained in our Philosophy -- in short: because they are significantly handmade, unlike the uniform stuff thrown out of similar machines by different brands today. And of course because they have very interesting and brave designs. Yes.

Now, why not even earlier models? Right, this question was not specifically answered but there is reason, too. Usually older watches are not that reliable, technically. And if anything goes wrong, it is more difficult to source spare parts -- nothing is impossible, of course but the older the watch the harder the task.

Also and even more important to us, these older watches usually don't please our eyes the same way a well preserved 70s model does -- the signs of the times, are simply more visible on a watch from the 30s or 40s. This is very important, as we are not only agnostics in our way of thinking but also aesthetes in our way of admiring things.

So, with watches from the heydays of watchmaking and -design between 70s and 90s we have found a sweet spot for us: reliable, beautiful, interesting and in many cases unusual and with an additional spritz extravaganza.

*EXCEPTION: * There is an exception from this. We like pocket watches, when they have any interesting aspect (complication or design or material) -- and these are usually from early 20th century or even older.