1971 White Gold Rectangular Vacheron with Clou de Paris & Linen Dial

Vacheron Constantin White Gold Vintage Tank / Gondolo Linen Dial, Full Set


Wow! White Gold VC Tank running on the popular cal1003 -- a milestone developed by VC in 1955 and still produced today. So, there is nothing else to say, regarding this thin and reliable manual winding caliber.

But of course a lot to say about the rest: The watch was made in 1971 and has a beautiful linen dial. The case is structured with Clou de Paris on the front and even on the back! Wow! Unpolished and hallmarks deep and visible -- please see photos.

The condition is very good, and we decided to make a custom strap of alligator leather connect the white gold case to the original 18K white gold AWenger buckle. The watch is delivered with original box and original guarantee book with filled guarantee card -- 1971 Full Set.

The case measures 25mm without crown, 28mm without lugs and 38mm inclusive lugs.

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