70s Ellipse with Sunburst Dial

Vacheron Constantin Vintage Ellipse Legendary Manual Caliber


Wow! VC Ellipse running on the popular cal1003 -- a milestone developed by VC in 1950s and still produced today. So, there is nothing else to say, regarding this thin and reliable manual winding caliber.

But of course a lot to say about the rest: The watch has a very impressive sur-real looking silver sunburst dial that is repeated by the custom made lizard leather strap that we decided to put in between the unpolished case and buckle. Not to forget, the short, bowed lugs sweet-talk to the ellipsoid case-shape, perfectly. And this overall appearance makes it a mesmerizing beauty: classy but funky at the same time -- just as we like it. Remember: The photos are taken with a lot of light but not manipulated. So what you see is what you get and all it takes to make this dial look like that is some light.

By the way, a Patek Ellipse 3848 is approximately the same size and shape, and for sure the VC1003 caliber is definitely not inferior to the PP cal215 and a comparison of the dial and lugs can be discussed for hours -- however, the VC is available at a fraction of the price.

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