Hard to Find: Limited Series Vintage Vacheron 222, Saudi Dial

Vacheron Constantin 222 Doublesigned: Rectangular, Saudi Arabia-Dial


Very rare Vacheron 222 -- made for VCs 222nd company jubilee.

Limited at all. In total there were only 300 rectangular 222's made. But this is a very special one, made in a small series for the Kingdom Saudi Arabia (ref 46004).

Official numbers arent shouted out to the public by V&C, but I guess there were made less than twenty rectangular 222's with Saudi crest -- so quite a rare fox that is delivered including V&C Saudi crest-box and hang-tag.

Now, this is what you can see -- and there is much more beauty under the hood of this timepiece: the automatic movement developed end of 1960s by JLC (cal920) named K1121 also known as PP28-255 aka AP2121. One of the thinnest, most beautiful and finest automatic calibers of all time and still in production today, used by all three of the most relevant Swiss watchmakers.

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