Papyrus-Dial VFA++: Seikoak Superior

Seiko Superior Seikoak: Papyrus-Dial, Genta & Royal Oak, VFA++


Amazing! Produced in May 1979 and for sure a horological milestone. The bracelet and multi-faceted case (hardened scratch resistant steel) reminds us of the Royal Oak and we would not be surprised if Gerald Genta, who had close ties to Seiko, was the designer of this Superior.

Papyrus-dial with applied hour and minute indexes. Precise cut steel and a movement precise to 5s per year -- superior to everything in the market when it was presented in 1978 and the years following.

Super-high quality in every aspect.

And now, you ask? Well, it was the Superior in the end of 1970s and it is probably even today: timeless design, comfortable, very rare and precise to 5s or less per year (!sic) in 1979 and even today it comes close -- all this and that with low maintenance. Yes, I know, I know, you are a meca-dogmatic and "quartz misses the soul of a real watch", right? Oh, now, first of all me as an agnostic, I have serious doubts you are right with the soul-story for things being mechanical especially and objects in general, but even more: there is nothing more beautiful than a 40+ years old watch being precise to the second (+/-5 if you want). Amazing!

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