Sand-Finished VFA++: 1978 Seiko Superior Dual-Quartz

Seiko Superior: Sand-Finished Dual-Quartz VFA++, Wood-Box, 1978-June

CHF 3,000

Amazing! Produced in June 1978 and for sure a horological milestone and one of the first Superiors: Seikos Dual-Quartz in "topping-Very Fine Adjusted-accuracy": VFA++. The bracelet and sand-finished case (hardened scratch resistant steel) comes in super-high quality in every aspect -- technologically two-steps ahead in 1978 and super-precise even today.

We are happy to offer this icon and comfortable to wear timeless icon in amazing condition and with its original wooden box (has a defect on the lid, as seen on the last photo) -- the best of the late 1970s.

And now, you ask? Well, it was the Superior in the end of 1970s and it is probably even today: timeless design, comfortable, very rare and precise to 5s or less per year (!sic) in 1978 and even today it comes close -- all this and that with low maintenance. Yes, I know, I know, you are a meca-dogmatic and "quartz misses the soul of a real watch", right? Oh, now, first of all me as an agnostic, I have serious doubts you are right with the soul-story for things being mechanical especially and objects in general, but even more: there is nothing more beautiful than a 40+ years old watch being precise to the second (+/-5 if you want). Amazing!

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