Rare Octagonal Seiko Seikillus by Genta (Nautilus), 1981

Seiko Octagonal Seikillus: Credor Sport-Luxury by Genta (Nautilus)


WHY WE LOVE IT: Made in the same quality as its ancestors, the AP Royal Oak & Patek Nautilus but in much fewer pieces and Genta-designed -- an upcoming sought-after rarity.

Made in Nov 1981 and probably designed by Gerald Genta: The octagonal shape (Royal Oak) and the Nautilus-theme is obvious. Extremely high quality and not worse than any of these two competitors in this aspect.

Super-rare bicolor model: '80s Japan, Boom.

Perfect gold-wave dial: Sophisticated.

Screwed crown: Nautic.

Niche today but the watch you search in two years. And besides all that, it is a great indicator for your sun-consumption -- make sure your wrist is not brighter than the wonderful aged gold-dial.

The bracelet shows no stretch and no significant signs of wear and fits 185mm circumference.

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