Rare Seiko Morpho: Early Superior Quartz

Seiko Morpho / Peacock, Early Superior Quartz


WHY WE LOVE IT: Because it was Seikos best in Quartz in the mid-'70s and Seiko was best in quartz (not only) in this era. Furthermore it is rare and has a very interesting dial: A relevant and beautiful watch in superb quality and wonderful condition, too.

Japan March, 1975, a horological milestone: the Seiko cal38 Superior. Accurate to 1 (one!) second per month (!sic) -- almost 50 years ago and even today it comes quite close. The hardened-steel scratch-resistant case looks amazing and the bracelet is original to the watch. The bracelet is without stretch and could be very comfortably adjusted by a clever clasp-solution from 150 up to 210mm wrist-circumference.

But of course, the star is the dial: morphing through a variety of different colors -- from purple, almost red over blue to green. And each in 50 shades on a paper-structured dial. Not bad? Amazing. Applied cut hour-markers: Fantastic. Applied minute-markers: Crazy? Exciting! Yes. And the edgy day-date-window with color-aligned date-discs: made with sense for perfection and details. Even more amazing: The dial shows no sign of detoriation or oxidation. Close to perfect in 1975.

Sure, this is nothing usual. No, this is Seikos Superior-Line. Their finest, made with highest efforts and precision. But it gives a very good idea, why quartz was a crisis in Switzerland.

There is much more to say about this superb watch, a horological milestone, and we will do so in our blog, yes.

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