Rectangular Hammered Silver: Automatic Pocketwatch

Seiko Hammered Silver: Rectangular Automatic Pocketwatch, Rare

CHF 1,600

WHY WE LOVE IT? Well, an automatic hi-beat pocketwatch in a hammered rectangular .925-Silver case is not so usual and even more its beautiful.

Made in June 1970 this Japanese gem comes in a hand-finished precious metal-case of .925-Silver, attached to a chatelaine also made of silver and repeating the finishing of the case. Even more: The dial is shimmering in a ice-blue and comes in the very same finishing and it doesnt need much to understand this finishing and dial-design is the model for not only one of the current Grand Seikos: Frozen Lake Suwa or Shinshu in Shōkan. Next to this: It is a real joy to wear and touch.

The movement was serviced and is running fine and precise.

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