Rare EternaMatic 3003: Green Dial Octagonal Ellipse, Wenger Case

Eterna Matic 3003: Green Dial Octagonal Ellipse & Integrated Bracelet, Rare


Beautiful condition, the original bracelet shows no signs of warp or defects. The beautiful octagonal-ellipsoid case (made by Wenger, as the Key [1] indicates) shows some superficial scratches probably from storing over the last four decades, but appears to be unpolished as the surface finishing esp on the bracelet, the crisp edges and the deep hallmarks indicate.

Beautiful green dial and probably one of the most beautiful examples and one of just a few left in solid 18K yellowgold: Made in just a few examples in the late '70s to the early '80s and for sure quite expensive back then. It could be assumed that just fractions of the originally made EternaMatics in solid 18K gold survived the last 40+ years -- making it a somewhat strange phenomenon but nevertheless one of the most important an collect-worthy Eterna.

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