Ultra-Thin Classic Cobra

Audemars Piguet Rare 5 Diamonds Cobra, AP Classic


Beautiful, well preserved and all original AP Cobra with domed glass for perfect wrist-hugging. Running on the popular cal2120 (PP3700 Jumbo Nautilus, PP3605 Jumbo Ellipse & AP5402 Jumbo Royal Oak) and made in 1971 according to our books. And we love these Audemars: a classic and made in very low quantities as a Patek Jumbo Ellipse 3605, coming with the same movement, having same wrist presence & quality and sharing some more similarities -- but being available for a quarter of the price.

The 18K whitegold case made by Favre Perret, SA (who made the PP Nautilus case, too) seems to be unpolished and coming with sharp edges and a untouched linen-surface finishing. Included is the original super-thin black AP-strap and the box.

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