Unisex Vintage One-Hand Watch by AP, White & Yellow Gold

Audemars Piguet Philosophique, Unisex Size, White & Yellow Gold


This is one of the most interesting and unusual AP available for relatively small money: the vintage one-hand Philosophique.

It is made in bi-color of 18K white & yellow gold and the whole inner case (movement, dial, small dot) could be turned to change the time zone.

So, this is how we like it. Without being overly complicated you get a funky and highly noteworthy watch, that definitely starts the talk when you want to: It is a 80s gem with a fantastic thin case made of white and yellow gold (bico), has basically a GMT-feature included and shows time with just one hand. We connected the massive gold case to the original AP gold buckle with a black custom alligator strap, that makes it even more recognizable even tough its relatively small classic size.

Well, most AP Royal Oak and most Quantieme Perpetuel look boring and usual when compared to this timepiece -- and paying just a fraction is always a joy.

The edge of the dial shows some minor dots of oxidation, but overall the watch is in good to very good condition, although it has some signs of wear and use which correspond to its age of more than 30 years. It was serviced to run perfectly for coming years and is delivered with manual and box.

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