Patek-Ads & -Stone-Dials in 1970

Thursday, October 12, 2023

The Patek-Expert John Reardon from Collectability LLC -- yes, exactly the experts that claim that a regular-Nautilus-bracelet is original and correct for the reference 3770 Nautillipse, here: klikk -- now informs us via Instagram that Patek made the shown advertisement in 1970. Aaah. Let me put it like this: I have some doubts. :-)

According to my research it seems like Patek was unable to handle stone-dials in 1970 and at all before mid- / late-'70s -- a technically complicated innovation introduced and trend-set by Piaget in the mid-'60s. At this time the so-called holy-trinity was lacquering dials to imitate stones... And in the mid-'70s Patek was able to sell the hot and expensive ladies-watches like this: Not every woman is worth this watch, was the Piaget-motto for these.

And now you ask, why this is important -- plus minus five or ten years, who cares. I will put it like this: The now proclaimed best-of-the-finest top-dog Patek in this light becomes a rather boring copy-cat. Instead it was Piaget in this era that pushed the holy trinity, that set trends and that was number one in many aspects.