#SameOrDifferent: Automatic vs Manual vs Quartz

Thursday, September 21, 2023

We love quartz-movements and one reason for this is very simple: they usually work and they do so on time, precise and maintenance-free -- lets say, they precisely fulfill one of the main-functions of a watch. This is different with manual- and especially automatic-wound movements. "Is my watch on time?", "Did I move my arm enough in the last days to fully charge the mainspring by the automatic-rotor?" or more in general "Does everything work fine?" -- these are some questions, that don't come up with quartz-movements. Yes, and of course the chance of something going wrong is higher the more complex a system is: a simple quartz-movement consists of 40 parts, a simple manual-wound movement is made of approx 90 and a simple automatic of approx 200 -- with the probabiltiy of things going wrong rising exponentially.