Civil Rights & The Foundation of Economy

Saturday, February 18, 2023

The following text was first published on 22nd of March, 2022 but there are currently at least two reasons to recap.

Private property that is secured by the state, is the foundation of western civilization. It is the essence of fundamental economic operations that are the basis of freedom of men. It is the secret code that made transitory countries like Singapore boom in last 60 years and it is the difference that made the western civilization successful in the last 400. It is the difference of a nowadays Europe and its correspondence in the medieval age. And it is the central opposing element to slavery and command "economies".

The protection of this institution of private property is necessary by definition BY the state but the protection FROM the state is not less important!

If, for higher reasons or others, property has to be legally expropriated from the owner the compensation that makes it a mere asset swap, is essential to leave the former owners economic potence untouched and the principle "Private Property" intact -- independent of the owners skin colour, net worth, height or hair cut. It is a principle and not dependent on the specific case. Changes to this principle, although slightly and just to a minority, will change civil rights and private property for EVERYONE.

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