Standards in Watchmaking & Electronic Watches

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Yes, from 1961 onwards the tuningfork-movement was the benchmark (the standard, the normal) in accuracy for almost 10 years. It crashed the former standard set by mechanical watches by magnitudes and was replaced itself by the then-new standard "quartz" from end of 1969, onwards. And until today quartz is the standard in wristwatch-timekeeping and -accuracy... -- surprisingly excluded by mechanic-dogmatists to leave their horological canvas with a blind spot of almost half its (the canvas) size.

Anyway, for almost ten years the accuracy-standard was set by the invention of Max Hetzel for Bulova, the tuningfork-watch. A transcendental icon and horological lungfish: meandering between mechanics and electronics and opening the gate for the journey towards quartz.

The variety of tuningfork-watches was as big as it was colourful and innovative and the most outstanding (literally) movement of all times also was a tuningfork-movement and until today the fastest beating mechanical- / magnetic-electronic movement: the Omega MegaSonic 720Hz.

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