Moon -- His or Her?

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Now, it seems like the designers at Vacheron Constantin took into focus the gender-correct moon... to the good or bad. ;-)

On the left is their actual men model with a "male" (?) moon for the northern hemisphere -- working good and well proven for centuries. But now they came up with the "female" moon-phases on their ladies counterpart, shown on the right. Maybe, I am completely mistaken but the only way to make it work is when its owner is in horizontal position, right? From VC for you, ladies, with love. ;-)

Ad 1.) I was informed that the caliber 1410 is used for men Vacheron as well -- for example the Malte Moon Phase. And that leaves me even more clueless! What is the idea changing something time-proven and working to something not useable? Just to make something different? Well, at least this non-sense is an example that innovation is not always reasonable and not always good per-se -- being conservative is sometimes the best choice, even in watches. ;-)