Cars & Watches I

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

OK, not another lame 911-Daytona-Story here, but something that is much better solved by the car industry than by the watch industry: See, nobody will know you are driving a BMW E34 Touring in the six-cylinder engine configuration and with alps exploring four-wheel drive when you dont want them to know and removed the 525ix sign on the back of the car. They will just recognize it is one of the most beautiful station wagons and the logo sign declares it is a BMW -- fine.

Now, why isnt it possible to opt-out the texts written on watch dials? Especially when they are as ugly as for the Overseas shown here? Right, when you cannot increase the text size by straight horizontal written text then arch it. Perfect solution, to increase the logo size without increasing the watch size but design-wise a joke, that cripples the overall not so bad watch completely.

Please allow the customer to buy a watch with just the Maltese Cross or the Calatrava Cross or the AP sign etc. Isnt it possible the design becomes unmistakable again and speaks for itself?