Bitcoin and Why We Will Not Accept It

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

No, we will not accept Bitcoin as form of payment, because no matter how you turn it: Bitcoin is no money and it will never be able to act like money or to be used like money.

It might have a price, sure but is no closer to money than a drawing in acrylic paint, a clay brick or a bundle bananas -- although it might look more sophisticated and advanced because smart guys mine them with heavy use of high technology. Sure, that's impressive. And yes, all of these goods might have a more or less fluctuating price in money and could be used to cover debts IN LIEU of money, IF the creditor accepts them as a substitute -- but not in general, only in exceptional cases.

This is by the way, the only function of money -- although mainstream economists try to tell different stories: Money is a (the) medium to cover debts. Money has nothing to do with barter, is not a storage of value nor a medium of exchange. The only role it has, is to cover debts. These debts are pointing to money (EUR, USD, JPY or whatever currency) and so you cannot cover them in anything else. When you have an obligation to deliver apples, then you cannot bring lemons -- at least you cannot expect them to fulfill your liability.

And to eliminate another misunderstanding: Money receives its value solely by the assets the emitting central bank is taking in to create and emit this money. Speaking of hot-air or fiat money in this context, rather reveals incomprehension than it is explaining anything. But we will clarify in future posts or just ask, when you are surprised now.

Anyway, but how this hot-air argument fits to the "mining" process and calculations of useless algorithms in context of Bitcoin is left to the reader.