1950s Zenith Guilloche-Dial Bumper, Factory-Serviced

Zenith Guilloche Dial Bumper cal133.8 Calatrava, Factory-Serviced

CHF 4,000

One of the first Zenith automatic watches: the legendary cal133.8 bumper / hammer automatic movement inside a fantastic preserved solid gold-case and offered as a with service-box and Zenith service-papers from 2018: the price for complete overhaul back then was almost CHF3`000 and you can expect every aspect of this watch to be in close-to-perfect condition: dial, case and movement.

We enhanced this rare and important Zenith further by attaching it to a thin and high quality brown linen strap, that not only wears fantastic but makes the watch pop-up from the wrist while perfectly framing it -- wrist-aesthetics, like we do it and we love it.

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