1973 Tissot Tissonic in 18K, Rare

Tissot 1973 Tissonic Tuning Fork in 18K, Sector Dial & Rare

CHF 4,500

Nothing hums like solid gold, yes. And this Tissot Tissonic tuning fork watch is no exception: the fis tune results from the fascinating electronic movement with a electromagnetic stimulated tuning fork, that his vibrating with 300Hz -- and you can hear that frequency, yes.

The condition of this rare 18K solid gold Tissot is fantastic and although now 50 years old it not only looks fantastic and well preserved but is as well working precise and reliable.

The dial is separated in four sectors, two finished horizontal and two vertical -- but very subtle and only visible in certain viewing angles. Beautiful. This dial finishing is repeated by the custom made linen strap that connects the heavy case to the gold plated Tissot buckle.

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