Rare Diamonds Mirroring Muscat-Oman-Coinwatch by Sirmakes

Sirmakes Coinwatch Oman: Muscat Fort Buraimi, Diamonds & Integrated Bracelet & Piguet cal21

CHF 6,000

Very interesting and rare coin-watch: Made by Sirmakes (SIR-stamp), the co-founder of Franck Muller-watches, in very high quality with integrated milanaise-bracelet for the Sultanate of Oman. The dial is mirror-finished and with the crossed Khanjars-symbol gives an amazing effect when exposed to light. The coin is a 1976-minted 22K-gold-proof-coin, made in a limited edition of just 1'000 examples on behalf of the Sultanate of Oman Qabus bin Saidi, showing the Muscat Fort Buraimi on the back. Obviously the watch is even rarer and although not unique, we assume that less than 10 examples have been made from these important coins.

The coin itself is already a very rare and sought-after collectors item. The watch elevates this even more and makes it wear- and useable.

The super-thin manual movement was serviced and is working fine and precise. It is a original and beautiful decorated FPiguet cal21 -- in our opinion one of the most relevant and interesting manual movements in the history of horology. Please see our blog for details.

The case back shows some signs of opening and the bracelet has a dent on the 7 o'clock-position but is without other issues or warp. The clasp is closing tightly and securely.