Important EarlyQuartz: Roamer MicroQuartz -- OysterQuartz & MegaQuartz

Roamer MicroQuartz NOS: Electromagnetic Escapement OysterQuartz & MegaQuartz

CHF 2,500

The early quartz (1972) with the todays standard-rate of 32kHz and an electromagnetic escapement -- like the later arriving Omega MegaQuartz and the Rolex OysterQuartz.

Coming with original strap and buckle in its original box (Kofmehl, Zurich). Never worn but serviced right now -- ticking precise and reliable.

From our Blog: "A New Old Stock example (and freshly serviced) of the 1972 MicroQuartz by Roamer: an interesting, independent, robust and innovative, audible ticking quartz movement using a electromagnetic escapement six years before Rolex did in its OysterQuartz or Omega in its MegaQuartz. Besides this, Roamer made its quartz beat at the back then quite unusual- but todays standard-rate of 32'768Hz.

This is what we call an important watch and an horological milestone. Sure, if you need a status-enhancement then this watch might fail, but we can assume this was the rolex- & role-model for the Rolex Oysterquartz: a highgrade mechanical-engineered movement with a reliable, time-proven, longlasting and robust escapement-mechanism."