Unusual and Rare Movado Museum in Full Massive 18K White Gold

Movado 80s Massive 18K White Gold Museum, Integrated Bracelet


Movado made its series Museum in a variety of materials, colors and sizes -- all are united in the blank dot on the dial at twelve o'clock. But this one is definitely one of the most outstanding: it creates a unity of watch case and bracelet with it integrated massive 18K milanaise bracelet. Its dial is mesmerizing and beautiful and clear at the same time and a outstanding experience when viewed in sunlight, due to its sunburst effect and the mirror-like dot.

The flat, ultra-thin case is a monocoque, without back cap. The condition is good to very good, it shows just minimal signs of wear. However, the dial has some very little signs of age / oxidation at its edge around 11 o'clock and the bracelet shows some warp at the point where it meets the case at 5 o'clock. Anyway, the bracelet is fully intact and not broken or welded and fits a close to 20cm wrist without adjustment.

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