Heuer Panaplex Desk-Clock: Digital & Iconic, Silver Wedge, Rare

Heuer Digital Wedge: Panaplex Desk-Clock

CHF 5,000

WHY WE LOVE IT: Nothing says "Mid '70s" (1974) more clear and loud in your room than this eye-catcher on the desk.

Working in all aspects and being precise: #EarlyQuartz

There are just a few iconic desk-clocks: JLC Atmos Colani and Patek NaviQuartz to name two prominent. And this Heuer is for sure in this list as well: either in the more common ref732 or the more compact ref731 that is offered here. The latter is without doubt the more universal and timeless working in almost any environment.

Iconic & reliable: Measuring Times -- Good & Bad ones, but always Precise.