Rare & Important Hamilton VanHorn Electric in 18K: Full Set

Hamilton Rare & Important: cal500 VanHorn Electric, 18K-Unicorn & Full Set

CHF 4,300

The Hamilton VanHorn was the first and Jan-1957-presented electric wristwatch -- and so it is not necessary to explain, why we think this is a very important watch, in a horological sense.

Now, to find one is a complicated task at all and to find one in a great and working condition is a even more complicated task. This one comes not only as a full set (being sold 1959 in Milano) but also as the super-rare 18K-solid gold version. Unicorn? Well, Vacheron would say: "One of not Many." Let us hold it with them to make no mistake. Ai ai ai, and besides this is we cannot deny it is a outstandingly beautiful watch: stepped case, very interesting lugs and an second-hand that moves just amazing. Electrifying!

We present this horological milestone in its box and outer cardboard-box, with manual sheet and paper. Also, its old (initial?) leather strap and a newly custom-made beautiful one to preserve the ugly and old one. The crystal has some signs of time but is probably the original one -- we left it like this for originality-reasons.

The movement was serviced and is working fine and precise -- amazing.

From our Blog: "Electrifying the Wrist. There was simply no electric (electronic, neither of course) watch on the wrist before this one: The Hamilton VanHorn cal500. The first electric caliber and the first ever Hamilton Electric model, 1957 -- the more known Ventura was a later presented case-form.

We are proud we have the super-rare and often smelted 18K solid-gold variant in a perfect working and beautiful condition and as a full set in our portfolio.

This is what we call an endangered and super-important watch. It might not enhance your status in your tribe -- if you need this, then look for something else, right. But it is for sure the most interesting watch in the club on the Friday evening-meeting. A Horological Milestone."

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