Important GP: 18K Tonneau cal352 QUARTZ

Girard Perregaux 18K July 1972 Tonneau Caliber 352 (350), Super Rare

CHF 9,000

Wow! What a rare occurance in solid 18K gold. Yes, there were not many made in this material as the gold price already doubled from its fixed price of USD35 per ounce and furthermore, many of those watches were probably smelted in the last five decades: especially in the 1980s, when such a watch could not be farther away from the back-then trend and the gold price was (adjusted to the price level) much higher than today.

The first quartz watch using todays standard rate of 32kHz (32'768Hz) and thus for sure not only a iconic 70s watch but as well watch of horological relevance. This is a cal352 GP that was made in July 1972 (30th week of '72) according to the used Motorala integrated circuit. The crisp case is a rare heavy tonneau-shaped case in 18K yellow gold. The watch is overall in excellent condition (technically and optically) and a beautiful and impressive appearance on the wrist -- especially with the original Girard Perregaux QUARTZ stamped strap (!sic) that connects the solid gold case to the original 18K solid gold GP buckle.

The original box is fortunately preserved and as well included -- same as the strap: GP was so proud of this watch and its technology that they not only marked the dial QUARTZ in the same font size as their brand name but also the strap and the box. Almost 50 years old and of utmost horological and brand-historical importance!

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