Gilbert Albert: Unique Ladies Bangle Jewellery Watch, Nautilus Ellipse

Gilbert Albert Ladies Naturalistic Nautilus Ellipse Bangle, Rare / Unique Gilbert Albert Jewellery

CHF 25,000

Designed and made by one of the most respected and influential jewelry and watch designers -- Gilbert Albert in the late 1960s: he is in one line with Andrew Grima and Gerald Genta, although each of them had his distinctive unique style.

The Gilbert Albert "Nautilus" -- a unique and massive and heavy (117 grams) 18K white gold shell-bangle with an ellipsoid watch with yellow gold accents throughout. A jewel for the lady who prefers an eye catcher on the wrist: the round shell-like pieces not only play with light but also mirror the surroundings and play with light- and mirroring-effects and enclose the ellipsoid watch very naturally.

Fits up to a 185mm wrist but could be worn loose on a smaller easily, same like a bangle -- the ladies wrist on the photos is 150/155mm in circumference. Delivery contains the original black GA box.